Sheriff's Housing Facilitating Initiative Transient Services


SHIFTS is a pilot program intended to meet the needs of the Sheriff's Office when responding to calls for transients who must be relocated from a property they are residing on. The individuals must voluntarily agree to participate in the program to gain sustainable housing. SHIFTS will provide 24/7 housing with available intake, triage, and assessment services. They will not have an open criminal charge and will not meet BAKER or MARCHMANT ACT criteria.

SCOPE reports that an estimated 20% of inmates in Sarasota County jail have a serious mental illness. Referencing these figures and benchmarks, there is a clear need for housing and supportive services. The adverse effect of not providing this program would put the people in jeopardy of not having accessto housing and case management services. This could place the 70 people we serve in our contract period for this program into severe risk of becoming homeless or inappropriately placed in nursing homes or jails.

If it is determined that they are in need of immediate psychiatric stabilization or detox, then law enforcement will transport them to the collaborating MH and SU agencies.

The programs goal is to achieve housing sustainability by linking the individuals with case management, medical, psychiatric, and substance abuse services along with other community based resources. Income sustainability will be the focus of whether they can be employed or qualify for Social Security Disability.

This is a 90 day program contracted with Sarasota County Government. If applicable, the clients will be required to attend daily recovery meetings. If applicable, they wil attend mental health drop in centers, groups, and linkage with volunteer opportunities, if not employed.

The point of entry for these individuals will be the North Port campus, where there will be intensive case management provided 6 days per week, a food pantry, on-site groups, and transportation to local appointments and shopping on scheduled days.

SHIFTS clients receive:

  • Assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) based on assessment and level of need.

  • Transportation services to meet individual service plan goals.

  • Referral and monitoring of primary healthcare, dental, and behavioral health.

  • Assistance applying for benefits, especially through the SOAR process.