Sheriff's Housing Facilitating Initiative Transient Services

SHIFTS is a unique partnership between the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office, Sarasota County, and CASL that provides transitional supportive housing to individuals relocating from homelessness. 

Homeless individuals who are in need of relocation are offered the opportunity to participate in the SHIFTS program. For 90 days, SHIFTS provides 24/7 housing with available intake, triage, and assessment services. Program participants do not have an open criminal charge and do not meet BAKER or MARCHMAN ACT criteria.

The program's goal is to achieve housing sustainability by linking the individuals with case management, medical, psychiatric, and substance abuse services along with other community based resources. If applicable, the clients are required to attend daily recovery meetings. Additionally, program participants attend mental health drop in centers, groups, and are linked with volunteer opportunities, if not employed.

SHIFTS clients receive:

  • Assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) based on assessment and level of need.

  • Transportation services to meet individual service plan goals.

  • Referral and monitoring of primary healthcare, dental, and behavioral health.

  • Assistance applying for benefits, especially through the SOAR process.

To date, the SHIFTS program has served more than 250 individuals who have transitioned from homelessness to permanent supportive housing or independent living. 


2015 Expansion News