Case Management

Through collaboration with other agencies, CASL is able to concentrate on providing quality affordable housing. CASL case managers conduct housing and client visits at a minimum of once every other week versus the state average of one time per month and thereby reduce or negate the need for clients to require the services of the acute care system.

After entering supportive housing, disabled clients are able to live increasingly successful independent lives. Socially speaking, the impact of providing a supported housing program is that these vulnerable citizens have the opportunity to become contributing members to the community-at-large.

Such individuals are in a vicious cycle that without stabilization assistance and guidance are a continuous drain on the city, county, state, and federal resources. It is the aim of CASL to return these individuals to productive members of society and to reach their optimum individual fulfillment.

CASL's case management team includes 14 full time staff who are in the field daily and reach out to all the providers, communicating available capacity as well as conducting assessments within 24 hours or less. On average, an assessment is performed within 2 hours and placement occurs 2 days or less. We have incorporated an eFax system so referrals which are faxed in alert our outreach team within minutes while in the field.

Services Provided: 

  • Affordable housing

  • Assistance in obtaining benefits 

  • Supports and assists in obtaining medical, psychiatric, nutrition, and other health related services

  • Assistance with daily living skills and and supports to maintain independence

  • Supports to ensure medication compliance, assistance with meal planning, and other important supportive and assistive help

  • Linkage to community services - including rehabilitation, education, work, and transportation

  • Provides socialization opportunities to build community integration

  • Encourages family and interpersonal relationships through education and guidance